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IDRS 2018 special events

Information on special events during the IDRS 2018 conference will be added shortly.

Reading Groups

Reading Groups are sight-reading sessions that have been a regular part of the IDRS Conference since 1999.  They are also being planned for the 2018 conference in Granada.  The sessions are designed to be fun and stress-free, yet sufficiently challenging to be musically satisfying.  We currently have a library of approximately 850 double reed ensembles, each consisting of 2-16 different parts.  There is music for almost every combination of double reed instruments, including music for bassoons only, for oboes and English horns only, and for mixed double reed ensembles.  The library also contains works of varying difficulty.  This allows us to form large or small groups of different ability levels, catering to the desires and abilities of the players who show up at each session.  New works are added to the library each year, both by purchase and by donation from composers, arrangers, and publishers.

The sessions are run in a very informal atmosphere.  We encourage you to attend as many or as few as you wish.  Please arrive a few minutes early if possible, as this facilitates formation of appropriate groups of players.  Ensembles of different sizes and ability levels are playing simultaneously in different rooms at each session.  When you arrive, it is helpful for you to tell the organizers approximately what your ability level is, and whether you prefer to be in a large or small ensemble.  We also would like to know if you prefer to be reading in an ensemble with one on a part or if you would feel more comfortable if someone else is playing the same part.  We can usually handle requests to participate in a group of a particular instrumentation.

Also, if you have a pre-formed group that would like to sight-read together, we will be glad to provide music and a room for you at the session.  We would also like to encourage composers or arrangers of new works to contact us to arrange for their music to be sight-read at a session.  With a little advanced planning, we can have a group of appropriately skilled players to work with a composer or arranger on specific new works.

There will be many reading sessions scheduled over the 5 days of the conference.  The exact schedule and location of the sessions will be available on the web site shortly before the conference and in the conference program book.  We hope to see you there.

The Reading Group Committee

Glenn S. Harman, Presidente
Carolee Bowen
Christopher Nilo
Bruce Biggin
Melanie Nichols

  Glenn S. Harman, harman.glenn@yahoo.com

IDRS 2018 Double Reed Band

More information to follow when registration opens in february.

Visit to the Alhambra

More information to follow when registration opens in february.

Flamenco Night

More information to follow when registration opens in february.